System for noise control and management / Synkro System

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The Synkro System is an all-encompassing web-based service that provides continuous monitoring of noise in real time. Noise control and reporting provides a traceable record of compliance with regulations.

Controlling sources of noise is now easier than ever before:

  • System accessible 24 hours a day
  • Data integrity ensured thanks to encrypted connection
  • Automatic data tracking and retrieval
  • Communications have all traceability standards, so can be used to defend legal status
  • Flexible service allowing incorporation of additional measurement points at any time
  • Alert service to warn of any anomaly
  • Automatic control reports

The Synkro System is the perfect tool for you to fulfil your inspection duties, including set-up, data capture, management of records, reporting, calibration and incident control. The service is all inclusive.

It’s the ideal device for taking measurements over longer periods of time, such as noise monitoring of music levels, or for fixed-duration activities, such as noise produced in building works. As the system is cloud-based, you can access your data online from anywhere in the world 24/7, saving you travel costs and time that you can invest in your business instead.


It differs from other noise metering systems, as it is an all-encompassing service. Not only can you control outdoor noise, but also music levels, terraces, hospital waiting rooms and even occupational noise exposure. Simply install any of our control elements at the desired point:

  • Sound limiter, for music levels.
  • Sound level meter, for terraces, hospitals and factories.
  • Monitoring station, for cities, railways, airports, roads and motorways.

The Synkro System is also compatible with other systems through the standard JSON and XML protocol widely used by manufacturers.

The Synkro System has been designed with the latest cloud programming technologies. This provides a secure and scalable architecture that delivers the performance, reliability and accessibility required by our customers. Cloud computing also streamlines installation and cuts costs. The system can display the noise recorded by one or more monitoring stations. Number and location are often defined within environmental impact studies. What’s more, the system can include other control elements such as sound limiters and sound level meters. Data is transmitted from the control elements via a 3G mobile data connection to the Internet, and then to the Synkro System hosted on a cloud server. The Synkro System checks data integrity, storage, processing and then displays the results in reports and presentations. The system can be accessed from any web browser.


Access is available 24 hours a day for one or more people located in different geographical areas. The data is received in real time and presented to users with only a few seconds of delay.

The Synkro System has different access profiles according to the tasks that the customer needs to perform:

  • Administrator, activation/deactivation of control elements, online configuration, full display of data sent and generation of operation/incident reports.
  • Supervisor, full display of data sent and generation of operation/incident reports.
    Installer: online configuration and partial display of data sent.
  • Installer, online configuration and partial display of data sent

The Synkro System is a real-time noise control application, so it shows a map of the surroundings with the points where a control element is installed. Current levels are displayed on the map in real time. What’s more, it shows whether the defined maximum level has been exceeded or if there are any malfunctions. It can also be set up to send email or SMS alerts. These alerts and the causes are automatically logged.

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