Environmental Noise Station

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logo-estacionThe dBnoise Monitoring Station is a device created to take permanent or temporary noise measurements outdoors. Thanks to its small size, it’s perfectly designed for use in any type of climate conditions, as well as in industrial, urban and open field conditions.

The dBnoise Monitoring Station is an intelligent unit that doesn’t require permanent surveillance, as it forms part of an environmental monitoring network with permanent, temporary or mobile control. With remote-control software and cloud technology, the unit can be controlled from anywhere with the help of a PC. It is optimised to take remote-controlled environmental noise measurements.


  • Complies with IEC 61672 Type I/II
  • Saves all recorded data and follows up for months
  • Can transmit data to a remote server via 4G, WiFi, Ethernet
  • Totally autonomous device

Applications: Monitoring of permanent or semi-permanent environmental noise at or in:

  • Airports
  • Motorways and roads
  • Cities
  • Railway infrastructures
  • Factories
  • Work sites

The main purpose of the dBnoise Monitoring Station is to control environmental noise at or in airports, factories, work sites and roads. It can also be used in noisy areas to pinpoint ‘hotspots’ or in quiet areas where noise is a major concern. It consists of a robust weatherproof case which contains the measurement hardware and a battery if there is no external power supply. Outside is a weatherproof omnidirectional microphone and a pole-mount kit. All contents are protected from weather conditions and non-permitted access through an airtight door with a lockout mechanism and the possibility of using a conventional lock. What’s more, optional accessories include a 4G data transmission modem and a weather station to control environmental variables.

The dBnoise Monitoring Station is remotely controlled through the Automatic Noise Control and Monitoring System (Synkro System) and provides remote configuration, system status display, data download and analysis. There’s also the possibility of using a standard JSON/XML protocol for data transmission, thereby making the device compatible with any control system on the market.

  • Designed for permanent and unattended outdoor measurements.
  • IP55 protection from weather conditions.
  • Recording in third octave bands.
  • Data transmission via LAN/ETHERNET/WiFi as standard.
  • Data transmission via 4G modem (optional).
  • 8 GB storage memory.
  • Dynamic range of 110 dB.
  • Possibility to register events only exceeding a certain level to optimise system efficiency.
  • Remote control of system status via LAN/ETHERNET/WiFi/4G.
  • Monitoring of meteorological variables (optional).
  • Audio recording (optional).
  • Modular hardware and software for ease of use.
  • Universal external power supply (100-240 V)
  • Internal battery giving system autonomy of 60 hours.
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